ACW Motorsport Plastics

ACW Motorsport Plastics

ACW Motorsport Plastics is a friendly, family-run business, based in the South West area of UK (Near Bristol)ACW Motorsport Plastics was formed by Tony Wright, a Plastics Engineer of over 14 years.

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Breakthrough Groups

Breakthrough Groups

We are a group of 10 volunteers who have all been touched by breast cancer in one way or another - wanting to make a difference to other patients and supporters.

We campaign for services here in the Isle of Man, raise funds, and raise awareness. We educate people at social groups and schools to teach others what they should be checking for.

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Free Placemats

Free Placemats

Our creative team will seek to understand your biggest challenges and goals, and we'll develop a campaign that's in alignment with your unique needs. Big budget? Great! Small budget? No problem.

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Hear My Soul

Hear My Soul

One of the hottest solo singers on the Island, Hear My Soul generates energy and excitement everywhere she performs.

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JP Window Films

JP Window Films

With over 25 years of experience in the window film market, we can provide the answers to all your window tinting needs, from vehicle tints to custom cut promotional films, and UV & heat protection films for your home or office.

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Permanently Perfect

Permanently Perfect

Permanent Makeup has long been one of the beauty industries best kept secrets, now the secret is out, and it is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments of today. More and more women, and indeed men, are opting for Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements which allow them to look more attractive and polished, with little or no effort, every day of the year.



Fantastic cartoons based around life owning a classic Mini.

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About Me

My name is Alan Durrant and I am 26 years old and living in the Isle of Man. I have always enjoyed minis ever since I was about 16 when my dad had a Mk3 Mini Cooper S and he let me drive it!

My family and me have been involved in Motorsport for some time, starting in the early 90's with my Dad, Bill Durrant, helped a friend, Dave Chambers, race in the Manx Grand Prix.

My sister Lucy Durrant used to race karts and in 2006 was 2nd in the Honda Senior Championship in the Isle of Man and 4th in the ABKC National Championship at Rowrah, Cumbria.

I have been involved with sidecar racing in the Isle of Man, acting as a passenger for Sean Ridout and for a short time Oscar Racing.

And now I'm getting involved with hill climbing and sprinting a 1977 Leyland Mini.

The Charity

The charity we have chosen to raise money for is Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The reason we, myself and my beautiful fiance Miss Jasmine Nicola Conway, decided to turn our racing mini into a sponsored mini was to help raise money for what Jasmine and I feel is a fantastic cause 'Breast Cancer Research'.

Jasmine's Auntie Clare passed away sadly last year after a 15 year race of different types of cancer but the first that she had to brave was a race with breast cancer! Breast Cancer research helped to give Clare more time with her doting family and the support that Clare and the family received was very touching. They kept a smile on all our faces and kept us laughing even through the darkest of times, we believe this laughing and smiling kept us all going longer! We all wish to say thank you - forever missed but never ever forgotten!

So as to make this official I, Alan Durrant am doing this hill climb in honor of one of the bravest ladies I have ever known, Mrs Clare Owens and to raise money for more research. The Hospice was Clare's last stop on earth before departing to heaven, maybe in the future we will do up another mini to raise money and to thank the hospice.

We know that there are still people racing against cancer we wish you all luck and hope that any form of sponsors that we get will help you to receive the treatment and care that you need and deserve throughout your own races. So check yourself as we get the checkered flag!

We are very pleased to announce that we have been asked to take part in various breast cancer charity events and we hope that with any sponsors we do get that we will be able to go worldwide with this vehicle and help raise more awareness.

Please remember that every penny you give makes a difference!

Breakthrough Breast Cancer
What We Want To Achieve

1st place in all the events we take place in, as would anyone! To be honest we would be happy to come last in every event as long as we are raising awareness as well as cash for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Also we would love to get enough sponsorship to do events across the British Isles and raise yet more awareness and money for the charity.

Special Thanks

We would like to make a special thanks to everyone who has and will donate and help us in any way they can.

In particular I would like to make a very special thanks to my Dad, Bill Durrant, for all his support and mechanical knowledge, and of course getting me into Minis all those years ago! Without him none of this would have been possible.

A special thanks to my mother, Bev Durrant who has been putting up with us spending all our time on the mini, and providing the food!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will donate to this great cause, to make a donation direct to Breakthrough Breast Cancer please click here.